Wiko Robby – A great bargain


Price: RM449

We’re always a bit skeptical when a smartphone is sold under RM500 so when Wiko Robby released its very own budget device, we’re not so sure what to make of it.

Lucky for us, we’ve had the chance to try it ourselves. Here is our complete review.

Design and Features

At one glance, Robby doesn’t look so much like a super low-cost smartphone thanks to the metal back that gives off a premium vibe with color range from Space Grey, Blue, Brown, Rose Gold, and Lime. The removable back allow users to change the battery when needed – an option that is slowly taken away by other smartphone brands. You can find 2 micro SIM slots and a micro with a 5.5inch screen, this one is a tad bit bigger and heavier than a smartphone sold at this price which is a plus point for those not into a compact phone. They also added a plastic bezel frame to the design giving it a more aesthetic look. All in all, a pretty modest build.

Display and Sound

Competing with other high-end smartphones in terms of display when you’re on a restricted budget is a tough battle but despite that, Robby didn’t fully tank their display capability. Loaded with IPS screen, it still delivers a HD resolution with bright and colorful display. So fret not, watching YouTube and saved videos is still a pleasant experience. However, sound is something Robby is unwilling to compromise on so they packed em’ with a double front facing stereo speakers that is loud and clear without you turning up the volume to the highest level. The downside is you can occasionally hear a subtle noise when it’s louder. The noise cancellation feature on top of a dual mic setup will help you in overcoming that problem. A 3.5mm jack is also provided for private sessions.


We didn’t have high expectation when it comes to Robby’s camera technology, and we were right not to wish for the stars. Even though it is not a complete disappointment, it ended up being a pedestrian feature. The 8MP f/2.0 primary camera with LED flash produced mediocre pictures but the quality becomes grainy upon focus. The 5MP f/2.4 secondary camera is not that much different. They do compensate the lack of caliber with a bright front LED flash for a better low light selfies. Having said that, if you don’t care for a photographer-level images and only want to post on social media every now and then, this is not a deal-breaker. To prove, Robby is also capable of taking a 1080p video, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama, and HDR. See, not so bad right?


Surprisingly, Robby runs on the current Android OS Marshmallow so the overall performance is commendable considering that it is powered by a lacking 1.3GHz quad-core processor. Jumping from apps to apps work smoothly and basic process can be done with little lagging. Even so, playing a high-powered mobile games will leave you frustrated. Memory-wise, it is equipped with a 1GB RAM expandable up to 16GB. A microSD slot is also available for a maximum of 64GB external memory. The absence of 4G LTE means that you’re stuck with an outdated wireless communication. Lastly, your online presence is depending on the 2500mAH battery which can last up to 1 day with one charge. The removable battery is also convenient if you want to replace it with a fully charged one when you forget your charger.

The verdict is in. Wiko Robby is understandably lacking in many aspects,but with the price of RM499 we believe that it’s worth a shot as an entry-level smartphone.

Mira Aziz


Mira Aziz

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