Fairview International School Open Day 2017


Looking for an alternative education program for your children? Fairview International School is offering your kids a renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Education.

Known for their out of the box approach in educating the young minds, Fairview International School will be organizing a free public talks cum Open Day especially for parents that are looking for a compelling IB curriculum that can provide a fruitful path for their children. The appeal of the IB program is that it focuses on inquiry-based, concept-driven learning that require the students to take part in building various skills for a promising future.

With limited seats offered, the Open Day include an engagement between parents and coordinators/teachers where they can discuss the education plans, a talk on programs offered, as well as mock lesson for students aged 3 to 15. For parents that are interested in enrolling their children, they will be lucky enough to lock in the next few years school fees with added financial benefits.

The Open Day will take place at Fairview KL Campus on 11th March 2017. For more information call 03-41420888 or visit their website at www.fairview.edu.my

Mira Aziz


Mira Aziz

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