We dare you to take the plunge with your partner


Valentine’s day may be over but you still have a chance to win the heart of your loved ones by doing something crazy! You may not have thought about it, but taking the plunge and saying I am falling for you while bungee jumping with your partner seems all too perfect.

Sunway Lagoon is giving you the chance with their ‘2 is better than 1’ promotion. No matter if you’re partners, parent-child duo or two besties, you’ll get to experience some of its biggest attractions for RM240. Now before you say it’s still too pricey, wait till you hear what’s included in the promo.

Multiple entries to ALL parks!

For a start, you’ll be given a pair of admission tickets that open doors for multiple entries to ALL parks excluding the pay-per-ride. However, fret not because this promo will cut down the prices for pay-per-ride attractions (Bungy Jump and G-Force X) so that you can try them first-hand. (Fair warning: Hold on tight because it’s about to get crazy!). Plus, you’ll get an RM40 meal voucher/person and trust me that will fill you up for a double mealtime. If you don’t already know, Sunway Lagoon is thorough when it comes to providing food for its visitors with a variety of restaurants and food stands to choose from. To commemorate the memories, they will also offer you a free Digital 6″x 6″ mini square softcover Photobook voucher worth RM79.

Pay-per-ride double attractions

Take advantage of the discounted prices offered for the pay-per-ride attractions. The Bungy Duo gives you the chance to take a leap of faith together with your partner instead of jumping solo for the price of RM130 (NP: RM160) while the G-Force X which is an extreme ride provides you with double front-row (and only) seats to the sky at RM50 (NP: RM64). You can also go for both for a price of only RM170 (NP: RM202).

There’s more to this promo of course, and psst… it involves body art tattoos, ice cream and delicious meals. Intrigued? Find out more at http://sunwaylagoon.com/product/2-better-1/ 

Oh and if you’re not into the whole queuing up under the sun, do check out their Quack Xpress pass that allows you to skip the lines! Head on to Campus Plus facebook page and answer a few questions to win a pair of the ‘2 is Better Than 1’ promotion now.

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