Things only hijabers can relate to


May it be due to religion, trend or social pressure, hijabers or hijabistas all over the globe are creating a wave of change.

Now, donning the hijab is not only an Islamic duty but also a fashion statement. However, there are things that only fellow hijab wearers can understand.

1. Choosing a hijab can take forever…

Choosing a hijab to match the outfits is like finding the perfect puzzle pieces. Another dilemma is either to go for tudung bawal of shawl.

2. The curious case of missing pins

Seriously though, what is it about these missing pins.

3. Yawning is a worldly sin (may induce panic attack)

Stop this madness

Sometimes, the pin below the chin will fly right off if you yawn too hard. HILARIOUS.

4. Recycle the same one so long as it doesn’t stink  

This one is not on you, smelly cat.

Many are guilty of this. It’s the same as wearing the same ol’ T-shirt every day because it’s still ‘clean’.

5. Taking hijab off is equal to taking your bra off

O’yeah. Sweaty and itchy head no more.

6. Earlock drives them crazy

There are always a few strands of hair that escaped the hijab and one has to keep tucking them back in repeatedly.

7. Bad hijab day is BAD

When the front of your hijab is out of shape and you have to keep blowing so that it’ll stay in place…. Mood killer.

8. Towels to the rescue

A cat might work too. Image via Buzzfeed

That moment when hijabers need to step out just for a few seconds, they’ll grab whatever’s long enough to cover their head. The most popular choice is, of course, towel.

9. Potential bald spots

Hair fall is inevitable when it comes to wearing hijab. Lots and lots of hair is lost daily, it’s almost scary.

11. Excess purchasing

You can buy one at only RM5 so imagine people go crazy over buying all sorts of hijab with different colors and styles.

10. Must have one favorite hijab 

No matter how many they own, they’ll always end up wearing the same one they like.

Mira Aziz


Mira Aziz

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