A new Lot 10 by the end of 2017


Lot 10 has been the childhood mall of a lot of people who grew up around the busy and bustling entertainment centre of Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. Many have grown up with this building, and it’s time for it to grow up too.

We followed the Vice President of YTL Land & Development, Joseph Yeoh, around Lot 10 as he gave us an exciting tease of what will happen to Lot 10 in the future. Hoping to bring up an environment that celebrates everything “Youthful, Fun, Creative and Connected”,

Lot 10 has already completed several physical transformations it has planned – including re-modelling the interior ceiling with a design inspired by sunlight piercing through a treetop canopy, a hoisting system that provides creative moving decor, and a recently refurbished ground floor atrium with new wood paneling and lighting.

Joseph Yeoh and Lottie

Joseph Yeoh and Lottie

Lot 10 has even unveiled its new mascot – an incredibly cute p4-meter bear named Lottie that personifies the fun, playful and youthful energy of Lot 10, and a Cheerleader Squad of young and hip brand ambassadors who are ready to help visitors with anything they need.

Lot 10 began its 18-month transformation in June 2016, and will complete its facelift by the last quarter of 2017.



Christopher Yee


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