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Tech scarcity is non-existent in this era. The anticipated annual Customer Electronic Show (CES) unveiled quite a number of inventions that blew our mind with endless possibilities.

Couple of decades ago, we can only dream of anthropomorphizing computers to make it more intelligent or simply put -more like us (duhh). Now it seems like the tech developers are working towards making all gadgets more superior than what we’re used to (not that we’re complaining). Using the enticing concepts of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, etc; we got ourselves some pretty cool devices as listed below. #robotuprisingiscoming

1. Selfie drone / Air drone

There’s a flooding demand of selfie drone in the market since it was first introduced by Wang Mengqiu, the founder of Zero Zero Robotics, last year. This concept liquidates such need for a selfie stick as it’ll take candid and quality HD pictures/videos of yourself completely hands-free as it’s often controlled using your smartphone. The Hover Camera Passport was the first of its kind with the ability to take 13MP of still photos and 4K videos.

Since its exposure, tech companies are racing to produce their own selfie drones – with significant improvement of the camera quality, portability, and increment in its flight time, all in the name of heightening your selfie-taking experience. The most noticeable is pocket-sized AirSelfie by Italian entrepreneur Edoardo Stroppiana that will be released to the world this year. AirSelfie is equipped with 5MP camera for full HD photos from 65 feet off the ground for 3 minutes and a 4GB microSD card. Other big names in selfie drone fighting ring is Kimon by Keyshare Technology, Dobby Pocket Drone by Zerotech and Polaroid.

2. Smart Speaker/Virtual Assistant

This is our favorite invention by far because not only it is extremely convenient, it is also great for companionship. Smart speaker is an Artificial Intelligence that function as your intelligent personal assistant. It is voice-controlled, capable of a variety of things including voice interaction, music playback, to-do lists reminder, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing real-time information such as the weather & traffic.

What’s even more impressive is that you can control other smart devices in your home, as it is centralized as the home automation hub. In easy words, you can ask the smart speaker to turn on the lights when you get home without flicking the switch yourself.

Two of the most popular smart speaker so far is Amazon Echo developed by and Google Home by Google. They respond by the name Alexa and Google respectively. Watch the video above to see how it rivals each other.

Last year, SK Telekom, a South Korean wireless telecommunications operator released its own smart speaker, NUGU or ‘who’ in English. It is the first smart speaker to understand the Korean language. They mixed it up by creating four different ‘characters’ as the dialogue initiator – Aria, Crystal, Rebecca and Tinkerbell. Below is their Ad featuring famous Kpop group, BTS.

3. Tango phones

Google keeps on giving as users keep on buying. Initially released in 2014, project Tango is an Augmented Reality (AR) Computing platform that ‘lets you see more of your world’ as articulated by Google. In layman term, Tango is a platform that integrates real-time environment with digital information. Another example, Tango will let you find out more about the place you’re at by detecting your position using computer vision and provide you with the information needed. As of today, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus Zenfone AR are the only commercial smartphones with Tango Technology.

4. Sevenhugs Smart Remote (IoT tech)

The tech fairies have been discussing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for years now but it hasn’t been widely utilized given the magnitude of its potential. Up to now, the most prominent IoT devices are seen in smart home and wearables. Sevenhugs made a huge contribution to the use of IoT with an impressive invention – a smart remote. This is not your standard remote because it can control every device in your home just by pointing at it, just like a wand! Its HD touchscreen will display an intuitive interface that will enable you to control a specific device. I bet the people at Sevenhugs knew that people are getting sick of looking for all sorts of remote control under the sofa.

5. The world of VR headset

Gamers rejoice. Virtual Reality (VR) headset is a gamer’s one wish to the shooting star. It allows you to step into a virtual world, interact with characters and immerse yourself in the makeshift 3D space. On top of that, the stunning graphics adds up to the gaming experience. Top contenders for everything VR is possibly HTC and Valve Production that produced the HTC Vive product line including tons of accessories that goes along with the headset. HTC Vive lets you play thousands of Steam games in VR mode and you can shop in Viveport, their very own global VR app store. Its successor, the Oculus Touch is also the one to watch out for in the world of VR.

6. Companion Robot

Buddy, the family companion robot, is a cute version of R2D2 brought to life by Blue Frog Robotics to improve your life. It basically functions as an assistant that helps remind you of important things, wake you up every morning, play your favorite song, answer your calls and even help you study – among many others. Buddy interacts with every member of your family, making it one of your own. Even when you’re out, Buddy will patrol your home and inform you of any irregularity. Not sure whether you’ve turned off your oven before leaving the house? Don’t worry, Buddy will make sure it’s switched off. Since Buddy is built on an open-source platform, developers can build applications to improve its functionality over time.

7. Touchscreen work space

Why stay at the office when you have the ultimate work studio at home. This is especially true for all the creative professionals ranging from game art developer, cartoonist, architect, art designer and much more, who will appreciate this massive touchscreen canvas to work with. Microsoft drops a massive hit last year with the invention of Microsoft Surface Studio, a monster of shockingly thin 28 PixelSense display screen with 13.5 million pixels translated to prismatic colors that will surely get the minds running with ideas. Armed with a powerful processor to compete with Apple iMac, Surface Studio promises to bring your work to life. Soon after, Dell swiftly trailed along with its equally grand Dell Canvas. The key differentiator to separate Dell Canvas with Studio is that Canvas is not a standalone device. It is designed to be paired with a larger display.

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