Top 6 best 2017 CNY decorations in the Klang Valley


CNY is finally here, and the town is positively painted red; particularly so in the major malls. With that, the battle of the best CNY decors begin. Red lanterns, majestic roosters, and traditional settings have popped up all around us in the Klang Valley, and being the aesthetically drawn people we are, we took it upon ourselves to figure out which malls have the best decorations. Here are some of them in all their glory:


1. Most traditional – KLCC

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the display in KLCC ,was the times my family and I got together to have a grand meal right before the first day of Chinese New Year. The setup brought back warm and fuzzy feelings about familial get-together and fun bickering, which is what CNY is all about anyway. The grand tower in the park also gave us a picturesque view of what a Chinese New Year Monument would be like.


2. Most colorful – Mid Valley Megamall

Once we stepped into the Centre Court of the Mid Valley Megamall, we were greeted with a plethora of colorful lanterns, ranging from green and blue to orange and red. Reminding me slightly of a colorful lantern festival display, Mid Valley paired it with traditional paper wall decorations, making it seem really festive.


3. Most vibrant – Fahrenheit 88 

Confronted with a few, incredibly plushy bean bags like chickens, we had to fight the urge to go forth and hug or sit on these plushy birds. The display, while small, was coupled with vibrant and colorful cherry blossoms, booths for calligraphy art, and red, fiery decorations hanging from the trees.


4. Most oriental – One Utama

Filled with bright red lanterns all over, the display in One Utama is one of the brightest displays we were able to see. When viewed from the 2nd floor, it is not unlike a grand sea of red, parted in the middle for people to pass through. It was like being surrounded with good fortune amongst all that red.


5. Most creative – Paradigm Mall

Children will definitely be delighted to play around the many adorably cartoonish and zany characters situated in Paradigm Mall – mainly the round children dressed up as chickens dancing about a cherry blossom tree. There is even an adorable house that looked as if it came straight out the pages of a fairy tale book.


6. Most majestic – Pavilion KL

With a fiery phoenix towering over the main concourse, it is impossible to draw your attention away from such a majestic mythical creature lit up with bright LED lights. Underneath the magnificent display, a proud rooster stands on one foot, as if being protected by the phoenix above. The outside of the mall is peppered with pretty petaled cherry blossoms, along with delightful red lanterns, inviting all to come inside for a grander vision.

Christopher Yee


Christopher Yee

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