11 travel essentials not to forget when packing for your holiday

We understand that you can be a newbie when it comes to packing for a trip.

Assuming that you’re just like us, waiting until there are only a few hours left before leaving the house, you’re going to need all the help you can get so that you don’t end up ruining your trip because you left your lifeline at home. We’ve compiled a checklist of little things you might overlook before taking off for that much needed holiday.

1. Small notebook and pen

Sometimes you need to jot down important information or ideas that might spring out whilst sipping that lemon tea by the beach so it’s safer to bring small post-it and a pen in your carry-on.

2. Power bank

Many underestimate the necessity of a power bank. In case of emergencies, you’ll be in dire need of extra juice to restart your devices. Buy a smaller one to save space in your bag and to make it easier to carry it around. It’ll be better if it has multiple ports for sharing. The mini disposable power bank is also sold now if you need more space in your luggage for other things.

 3. Earphones/eye mask

Haven't you heard? Music is the best companion.

Haven’t you heard? Music is the best companion.

The secret to a peaceful trip is a chance to be with yourself and you can’t do that with children screaming around or the sound of vehicles when you’re relaxing. I personally can’t go anywhere without earphones because music can instantly make everything feel like paradise. Do you know stores like Typo sells a 2 in 1 earphone/eye mask? Get yours now.

4. Card games

The best thing to bring when you’re going on a group trip is card games. It may not be your PS4 or Xbox but its light enough to carry plus it’s fun. The most popular one is definitely Black Jack but even Uno and Happy Family can heat up the night alongside cans of drinks and snacks.

5. Book

If you’re assuming that the whole trip will be filled with activities and you won’t get bored, then you’re in for a surprise. Your smartphones can only do so much and it’ll run out of battery much faster due to its continuous use. Plus, a good read in a good place is the perfect relaxing combo.

6. Multi-plug adapter/International adapter

Yup, ours doesn't look like this.

Yup, ours doesn’t look like this.

You’ll be flustered if you travel overseas without bringing your international adapter, as by now you should know that many countries use different electrical systems. You won’t be able to plug in your charger without it and trying to find one can be a hassle, so be prepared before you get on that plane.

7. Slippers/Flip flops

And I’m not talking about the fancy schmancy sandals you wear to the mall. Always carry one Japanese slipper in your backpack because if and when your shoes give you a hard time (think heels), Japanese slippers to the rescue!

8. Pashmina/Sweater


The airport itself is filled with air-conditioners and unlike our everyday humid weather, it is actually pretty cold. Since we’re not used to low temperature, a sweater will be your perfect shelter from freezing in the hotel room. If a sweater is a tad bit bulky, you can always replace it with a pashmina that is easier to carry.

9. Raincoat/foldable umbrella

Nothing stumps your vacation faster than a bad weather. The last thing you need is spending your precious time waiting out the rain instead of walking down the streets of your dream place. Even though it’s a bit of a nuisance to be traveling with an umbrella, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can always go for a foldable umbrella or a raincoat that won’t take up too much space in your bag.

10. Sanitizer

As much as you’d like a place to be just like home, it never is. A small bottle of sanitizer can go a long way if a place such as the public toilet is not as hygienic as it should be.

11. Shades/sunglasses

You don’t really need much explanation here. Whether you look cool in it or not, a pair of sunnies is a must. Lying on the beach without sunglasses (and sunscreen!) will be disastrous unless you’re planning to nap. Wait, no, not even then. So, just bring the sunglasses, please.

Mira Aziz


Mira Aziz

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