New year, new you


The smoke and dust from new year celebratory fireworks have barely cleared. Staggering dazed and confused into the promised vigor of a new year; the “new year, new me” could do with a little renewal.

More often than not, the new year has us envisioning healthier and fitter versions of ourselves. After all, what better way to stand out than by being the best version of yourself? Now that we’ve managed to remind you of this particular resolution and before you find yourself falling back into the same unhealthy patterns, here are some tips to help you get started especially if you’ve been off the health train for a while now.

1. Eat at homeSource:

If you’re blessed to still be staying with family, then this part of the plan requires very little effort. In essence, the only compromise you would have to make here would possibly be cutting back just a teeny tiny bit on your social life especially when it comes to those late night suppers. Aside from your body, your wallet will thank you too.

 2. Find a gym buddy


Possibly the hardest part of dragging yourself to the gym is just that: getting yourself there. This is where it helps to have someone to motivate you on your off days and for you to return the favor on their off days. Besides that, while making friends at the gym is definitely something which you could do, it is handy (and safer) to have someone spot you while you’re lifting weights especially if the gym is empty.

 3. Walk


For those with the tendency (and the option) of driving anywhere and everywhere even when your classes are walking distance from your residence, stop and really think about this. While it does save you from walking in the blistering heat, an umbrella would do just as well while saving you petrol money which could go to much better things like a gym membership.

4. Eat less, but more


For those of us who are not blessed with high metabolisms, we find ourselves gaining weight way easily compared to losing it. While many think that the solution to this is simply to eat less, eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the day is actually the way to go. Just remember to give your body enough time to digest the food before you hit the sack at the end of the day!

5. De-clutter


While physical health is undoubtedly important, we definitely shouldn’t ignore our mental health either. With the amount of juggling we deal with, its important that we learn to prioritize and de-clutter our lives in order to avoid unnecessary stress. When in doubt, ask yourself this: is this going to matter a year from now?

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