Keep It Local Live 2016 brings down the house!


Keep It Local Live 2016 at Sunway Nexis really brought the house down, showcasing a barrage of outstanding performances by locally bred and ready-for-harvest music acts!

With musicians hailing from various backgrounds and different musical influences shining through their music and songwriting, the crowd got a taste of incredibly diverse performances. From soulful jazz performances to all-out rock bands; the audience was treated to a grand auditory journey.

Organized by Keep It Local Entertainment, the event’s main goal was to provide a platform for some of Malaysia’s finest local talent to shine, thus enhancing the growth of the local music industry.


The show’s amazing line-up included the young and talented winner of Astro’s XTY Kids Talent Show Alvin; beatboxing and vocal powerhouse duo Alvin & Xantia, singer Amanda Avyanna and the guitar-beatboxing duo Impromptu.

They were then followed by beatboxer Coex, rhythmic acoustic band Jumero, rapper Ashtin, jazz acts Dani and Ryot Jones, bhangra collective Dhol Alliance, as well as dance groups Budak Joget and Scalia.

Finally, the main acts, renowned Malaysian rapper Aman-Ra and famous ‘crunk’ rap group K-Town Clan took the stage, raised the roof and brought it down, ending the show on a spectacular note.

The crowd was pumped and we even saw some audience members freestyling along with Coex, Ashtin, and even KIL’s organizer, Jude Ashvin. The event even brought together two solo acts, Alvin and Xantia, performing together as a duo for the first time to explore their on-stage chemistry.


According to the performers, events like KIL Live really help Malaysian artists see a future in the local music scene, because these events not only provide a stage for local music artists to shine but also brings them an audience that may not have noticed the brilliance of the Malaysian music scene. Jumero adds that while local musicians do attract crowds to their shows, the following is usually made up of musicians themselves who are either performing or looking to perform, friends of the performers or simply those who have been dragged along by friends.


Many artists also mentioned that while events like these are definitely a step in the right direction, there’s definitely room for improvement to help the Malaysian local music scene truly flourish. The band Impromptu laments that people could give artists more incentive to play by paying them more, while bands like K-Town Clan and Jumero believe that a change in public perception is necessary to get people to appreciate these events more.


After all, according to K-Town Clan, the most important thing is the chance for young artists to gain exposure and to have their presence felt around Malaysia. Summing up KIL Live 2016, rapper Aman-Ra had this piece of advice to give; “Master your craft, and then master how you’re going to push your craft. You may be creative, but what makes someone different is how they pull it off; their presentation or the execution.”

Christopher Yee


Christopher Yee

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