Best places to get your winter coats under RM300


It’s that time of the year again as we welcome the cozy winter season and many of us are temporarily leaving the country to enjoy the feel of snow on our fingertips because here in Malaysia, the sun still rules the sky. 

No matter if you’re a first-timer or a frequent traveller during this chilly winter-tide, I’m sure you’ll agree that finding quality winter wear that doesn’t leave us gasping for air upon checking the price tag is a bit tricky. Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of places/websites where you can get your winter shopping out of the way without having to cut back on your snack allowance (because we know it’s a painful decision).

1. WinterClothes

WinterClothes is your one-stop solution for winter wear. From men’s and women’s to kid’s outfits, WinterClothes have it all at a more affordable price. This online place is recommended for those who are not frequent winter-flyers and might want to wear them once or twice in a span of 5 years. WinterCothes offers various types of padded jackets, trench coats to sweatshirts that you’ll be needing throughout your trip and you get them for less than RM200.


2. Uniqlo

I know what you’re thinking, Uniqlo might be way too pricey to be on this list but believe it or not you can get a really good winter coat for less than RM300.00 right now thanks to their latest limited offer. The most attractive one would have to be their Ultra Light Jacket that will cost you RM199.00 for a stylish and easy-to-carry winter jacket. You can pair it with a turtleneck or a long sleeve sweatshirt before stepping out to explore the country. There are a few other options to choose from that will keep you within the budget.


3. Beautymyth

You can shop for almost everything (in the winter section) for under RM150 at beautymyth and the choices are abundant. Not only focusing on keeping you warm, a lot of the winter outfits offered are stylish and trendy so you can walk around in a plus size coat still looking on point. We scrolled through some of the reviews and the products look promising with speedy delivery and satisfying quality.


4. Sally Fashion

Although winter outfits are not Sally Fashion’s forte, they do have some padded winter jackets and coats in their outerwear collection. The prices are affordable too. Their comfy hooded puffer jacket will only cost you RM115 which we consider cheap as compared to high-end brands like Universal Traveller, Zara, or Pull and Bear. This is especially recommended for people who are not very nit-picky when it comes to winter jackets.


5. Goin’ Places Winter Apparel

You might have heard of Goin’ Places before as they have a few outlets stationed in a few states around the country. Although Goin’ Places also falls under one of the more upscale brands, you’d be surprised to find some affordable ones in their collection. So if you still prioritize brand but you’re currently short of cash, you might want to settle for Goin’ Places. You can find the stores in Sogo KL, VivaCity Megamall Kuching, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka, SACC Mall Shah Alam, Centre Point Sabah, and Metrojaya Mid Valley.


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