7 scariest films to watch during Halloween


Get your flashlights and blankets ready, and prepare to cover in fear as we bring you 7 of the scariest films to watch this coming Halloween.

With only a week to go till Halloween, it’s time to bring on the scares. We have taken it upon ourselves to scour through some of the scariest films across various sub-genres. We now proudly bring you 7 of the scariest films that may have completely escaped your radars. Movies with jump scares and lame shocks simply did not make the cut in this list. So, turn the lights off and prepare to be scarred for life!

1. The Witch (2015)

On the top of our list, we bring you The Witch. Deeply religious Puritans – William, his wife Katherine, teenage daughter Thomasin, tween son Caleb, twins Mercy and Jonas and baby, Samuel try to survive away from civilization after being banished from their village. They set up a camp right outside a dark creepy forest (at this point you’d think they’d have better sense). Things seem to be fine until young Thomasin loses baby Samuel – through no fault of hers.

Yay! No school today!

With the twins now claiming that Black Philip (a black billy goat) talks to them, and when Caleb mysteriously disappears one night (only to treat us with one of cinema’s scariest possession scenes to date), the deeply religious family soon lose their faith in everything they’ve believed in. Just what is it that drives someone to embrace the dark side?

2. Mama (2013)

Mama is based on the Mexican legend of La Llorona a.k.a the wailing woman. The story starts when a suicidal man drives his two young children into the forest. He fails in his murder-suicide attempt. He instead gets killed in the process leaving his children alone in that shack of sorts. Years later, two feral children who have survived by eating cherries are discovered in the same shack.

"Mama always does her hair so pretty"

“Mama always does her hair so pretty”

They are rescued and sent to live with their uncle and his partner. That’s when strange things begin to happen. With the help of a psychologist to facilitate the transition, they discover that the girls may have actually been brought up by someone or something they refer to as Mama. This heart-warmingly creepy tale does not rely on jump scares but rather scares us by keeping things mysterious and dark.

3. The Children (2008)


You’ll probably forego the next babysitting gig no matter how much you need the cash after this one. The Children starts out as two families (with a few children in the mix, duh!) head out to spend Christmas in a cabin in the woods. They all seem to have fun until the young ones slowly begin to exhibit strange symptoms of wanting to injure and gravely harm their older family members.

Too bloody cute!

Too bloody cute!

The little ones use their cuteness and innocence to lure the adults into vicious traps – which is a plus point for the creep-factor. Cute kids aside, this film is no child’s play. It’s bloody, it’s shocking and it will keep you up at night. We don’t want to give too much of the plot away but do stay till the end for the shocking ending.

4. Tale of Tales (2015)

Scary? Not so much. Creepy and disturbing? Absolutely! Tale of Tales entwines three tales, The Queen, The Two Old Women and The Flea – all quirkily disturbing in their own way. Tale of Tales explores the subject of madness like never before; the madness of a childless Queen, the madness of two old crones in quest of youth and beauty, as well as the madness of a young woman in search of a male figure who can give her the love and protection she deserves.

Eat your heart out.

Eat your heart out.

Each tale weaves beautiful atmospheric imagery and brilliant story-telling that leaves you feeling unsettled long after. Oh, do note that while the film itself is far from gory, there are a couple of scenes that are sure to make your stomachs churn.

5. El Orfanato / The Orphanage (2007)

El Orfanato is Spanish for The Orphange (not to be mistaken with The Orphan) and is shockingly (not!) set in Spain. The story starts when Laura and her young son, Simon return to the orphanage she grew up in to turn it into a home for disabled children. Laura soon finds that Simon has an imaginary friend, a little boy wearing a sack mask called Thomas. Okay, we have to stop right here to tell you that Thomas will now play the central character of every nightmare you’ll ever have for the next 20 years of your life.

The subject of all your nightmares: Sack-mask Thomas!

The subject of all our nightmares: Sack-mask Thomas!

So, after Simon learns that he’s adopted (from the imaginary sack-masked Thomas), he throws a temper tantrum and runs away. Laura is sent into frenzy looking for her missing son and discovers a horrible secret that ultimately leads to the bittersweet ending.

6. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

If there’s one thing we learn from this movie is don’t drive alone through creepy rural roads at night! Following an argument with her fiancé, Michelle bolts and finds herself on the freeway with corn plantations on either side. Next thing you know, she finds herself injured and chained on the floor in someone’s basement. Freaking out and fearing for her life, she tries to play it smart to find her way out – but finds herself boarded up in what turns out to be a fallout shelter of sorts.

You can't escape the overzealous ghost.

You can’t escape the overzealous host.

Any attempts to leave are stopped by a relatively unstable, burly man (owner of said basement/fallout shelter), who tells her that the world above has gone to hell (in some kind of chemical attack) and there’s nothing to go back to up there. Not knowing if Michelle is better off fearing her creepy captor or fearing the unknown above keeps us on the edge of our seats till the very end.

7. Children of the Corn (1984)

To conclude our list of scariest films for this Halloween, we bring you Children of the Corn. You might develop pedophobia after this one. Set in a peaceful rural town with an endless array of cornfields (we just have to ask, what is it with cornfields and horror films?), folk have no idea what hit them when a group of sickle-wielding children turn against them. Showing little to no mercy, a bloodbath ensues – which may cause some of you to write it off as a cheap gore-fest.

We'll never eat corn again-that's for sure!

We’ll never eat corn again-that’s for sure!

But we vouch for this film as this is only the beginning.  Once you find out who or what’s orchestrating this massacre, you’ll be hiding under your blankets to survive the night. Oh, and the creepy soundtrack will play in your heads – for years to come (and…it just went off in my head again!).

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