Adios to Comics House and our 90’s childhood


When English used to be a really complicated alien language to us, we used to seek comfort in reading our favorite comic books in our mother tongue. Oh, the joy.

Fairy Tail, Dr.Slump, Chibimaruko, Mutiara Naga (Dragonball) and many more precious comic books I’ve collected throughout my childhood is still sitting on the bookshelves organized neatly in volume order. These Malay and Chinese translated comic books are originally published by Comics House which was a major manga publishing company in Malaysia extended to Singapore & Brunei. Yes, it pains me to say that they have now officially closed down. We’ll be forced to read mangas on our screen instead of holding the holy rectangular book.

The pain is real y’all

As a tribute to Comics House, we listed down some of their masterpiece for our keepsake before bidding goodbye to a wonderful piece of childhood.

Dewa Maut(Bleach)


The iconic soul reaper ‘shinigami’ character, Kurosaki Ichigo, was a hot-headed teenager before he is given the power of Soul Reaper by Kuchiki Rukia. He is now holding the responsibilities to protect humans from evil spirits and guide souls to the afterlife with the help of Rukia. The journey will take him to unknown territories and uncover many deep dark secrets.

Budak Getah (One Piece)


Budak Getah sounds so cute and innocent but for those of you unfamiliar with the series, it’s actually the Malay adaptation of mega-manga, One Piece. Monkey.D.Luffy gained the power of elasticity after unintentionally devouring a Devil Fruit. Relentless in finding the ultimate treasure ‘One Piece’, Luffy travel the Grand Line along with his crew hoping to one day be the King of Pirates.

Penyiasat Remaja


Mystery lovers might be familiar with this exciting manga, Penyiasat Remaja. Based on popular crime manga, The Kindaichi Case Files, Penyiasat Remaja follows the story of Kindaichi Hajime who is a high school student who solves various gruesome and mysterious crimes. Although it can be quite nightmare-ish, Penyiasat Remaja will get you hooked from the very first case.

Dik Cerdas


Before watching the infamous butt-jiggling scene in Crayon Shin Chan, many manga readers had their fair share of fun reading Dik Cerdas which is the Malay version of the anime. Crayon Shin Can follow the everyday journey of 5-year old Shinnosuke ‘Shin’ Nohara and his every so amusing parents, friends and a parade of beautiful ‘kakak’.

Juara Bola Keranjang

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Juara Bola Keranjang is my absolute favorite sports manga when I was a kid. Translated from Hiroki Yagami’s award winning manga, Dear Boys, Juara Bola Keranjang revolves around Mizuho High School’s basketball team and their attempt to win the prefectural championship. Like other sports manga, it also follows the relationship between players on the team and how they’ll work together towards their goal.

Mutiara Naga (Dragon Ball)


Of course, we can’t leave out Mutiara Naga, which is one of Comics House famous work. Mutiara Naga or Dragonball was once the talk of the town when it rose to popularity in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Initially inspired by The Journey to the West, the main character Son Goku travels the world to learn martial arts and find 7 orbs known as Dragon Balls that has the ability to summon a wish-granting dragon.

This is their legacy and for those who are proud owners of their work, I hope you’ll treasure them for generations to come. Comics House, you will be missed. Adios!

Mira Aziz


Mira Aziz

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