EXCLUSIVE: Interview with first time director Dhyan Vimal of Temuan Takdir [video]


The Malaysian film ‘Temuan Takdir’, which is set to screen in 42 cinemas nationwide on August 11, carries the message that there is no such thing as a perfect crime.

Helmed by first-time director Dhyan Vimal, an entrepreneur in various fields from the sciences to the arts, he had interesting insights to share with us after being involved in the film industry for the first time.


Why films and why now? “It was actually accidental. We wanted to do something under Project Dignity, which falls under the Friends to Mankind, where young people are offered help and encouraged to learn skills. This is when the movie became a platform for people to learn,” he shared.

As a first time director as well as the producer of the film, he added he was glad he managed to multitask for the movie. He was involved in video editing as well as drone control to help minimize his expenses. However, do not be fooled into thinking that it’s a low budget production. At the time of the interview, the film was still being edited and their expenses in total were expected to close in at a whopping RM1.2 million!


“Learn as many skills as you can because it will come in use later. In fact, lack of a skill may actually stop you from growing in the future,” Vimal advised.

When asked what separates this film from other local films, he added that while he felt there were already some very good local films out there, ‘Temuan Takdir’ will have a different pace and style.

“I didn’t make the mistakes that a lot of other filmmakers are doing: trying to go too far. I maintained a balance and I think it shows in the movie,” he said, having watched 20 different Malaysian films before taking on this project.

Watch this exclusive interview with Dhyan Vimal.


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