Anti-rape gadgets to protect women from rape. Do women need it?


Rape is one of the greatest problem the world encounters; and even if the majority of these rape cases do not go reported, and we don’t hear about it everyday on the news, it remains a valid concern of many worldwide.

However, be it a blessing or a curse, there are now many kinds of products available for women to decrease the chances of them being raped. After all, “see a need, fill a need”, and there is definitely a need. Anti-rape devices are in the works right as we speak and they’re made by the people who see something wrong in this world and strive to right it.

Many of these products have not hit the shelves yet and are in prototype stage.

Anti-rape condoms: Rape-aXe


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“I wish I had teeth down there” was the lament of a rape victim which sparked the innovation of the anti-rape condom. Rapists would be able to get in just fine but much to their horror, they will find a transparent condom with “teeth” latched onto and ripping into their private parts as they attempt to pull out. Like a python squeezing tighter every time you take a breath, the Rape-aXe will latch on tighter each time the rapist tries to pull it out.

The only way the rapist would free themselves from this excruciating condom-cuff is by turning themselves in to a doctor, with all the shame that entails, and the evidence to put him behind bars.

FemDefence Tampon


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“No mercy” is the phrase I think of when it comes to the FemDefence Tampon. Just like a regular tampon- it is inserted in a woman’s nether regions with the pointy side facing down- a gift for any intruding male who dares enter without permission. “Ouch” doesn’t even come close to the pain the rapist would endure and hopefully the idea of the pain itself would deter any male from attempting rape.

Anti-rape Buckle


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Although it’s not a fashion breakthrough, it’s a practical device for women to use in attempt to prevent rape. The only way to open the belt is by using two hands- hopefully this allows any woman under attack to pull a few knee-jerk moves and escape. The buckle is designed by two high school girls in Sweden and has already sold around 300 units.

Angel Wing buzzing anti-rape device


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This device will sound a 90dB alarm when the distress rod is pulled (which is relatively loud). Hopefully this scares off potential rapists and draw attention to yourself- hopefully from the police.

Anti-rape bra


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Designed to detect pinching and squeezing, when triggered, the bra can issue up to 3,800 kV to the perpetrator and leave him with a shock of his life- literally. The bra is also meant to alert police of assaults via GPS.

AR Wear – Anti-rape underwear

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Rip-proof and impossible to pull down once it is secured on the person’s waist, this anti-rape underwear is designed so that only the wearer themselves can access their nether regions. Even potential assailants will have trouble with these underwear with knives and scissors.

Undercover colors


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Developed by undergraduate students in North Carolina State University, this nail polish is designed to change colors after they come into contact with date-rape drugs, allowing women to prevent being drugged in a bar or club and raped. (However, do take note that alcohol is, in itself, capable of knocking you out just fine).

The controversy of rape and prevention

However, while these products are effective at preventing rape, the very fact that women need to use these products speaks volumes about the state of the world we live in right now. If you are a girl, you will definitely have heard some variations of the following phrase: “Be careful or you’ll kena rape”.


While these phrases are often delivered with good intentions, we have inadvertently taught girls to internalize this fear that there is the threat of sexual predators all around town instead of taking sterner action on the sexual predators themselves. In fact, out of 2,111 rape cases against children in 2013, 462 have been charged, and only 14 have been convicted. Worse, it is estimated that only 2 or 3 out of 10 rapes are reported, mostly due to fear, shame, or both; and majority of rape cases are perpetrated by people they know. There have even been cases where rape did not count as rape in Malaysia because the victim was finger-raped with a semen coated finger, and others where child marriages became the solution to statutory rape instead of jail time.


We as a society are so used to the idea of sexual violence – we joke about it, incorporate it into our daily language, and even make light of the people who have gone through that horrible experience, saying that the victims should’ve been more careful, or that they might even have instigated it in the first place.

victim blaming 101

According to ex-students of Monash, Tay Siao Lin and Jocelyn Lau, there is also a severe lack of education in Malaysia. Sexual topics are so much of a taboo that we actively try to avoid it, and all the information we get about sexual intercourse is the bare bones basics of penis + vagina = baby. Even the seminars held to combat rape targeted towards females often enforce the views that girls are responsible for their own safety, and it implies that it is the fault of the woman for not being prepared in the event it actually happens.


Is it any wonder that we still see Facebook comments that say that women deserved to be raped if they are dressed in clothing that are deemed to be provocative? In a culture that questions victims if they were “asking for it” instead of questioning the perpetrator and his actions, is it really any wonder that rape is always under-reported, and that girls carry weapons wherever they go?


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No one deserves to have to live in fear of being assaulted at every turn. No one deserves to have to carry around these weapons around in preparation of being assaulted. No one purposely ‘puts themselves’ in a vulnerable position, and no one is ever ‘asking for it’. And honestly, this “When women say no, they mean yes.” and “Why is she wearing such slutty clothes? Is she asking to be raped?” bullshit has to stop. This is not just the concern of women alone, it should concern the rest of society as well.


It’s our responsibilities.

Only through a conscious effort to stop victim-blaming and teaching people not to rape instead of not to get raped, can we even begin to fathom a society where rape can be drastically reduced, or even stopped completely; and constantly looking over one’s shoulder no longer becomes necessary.

Christopher Yee


Christopher Yee

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