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She’s an artist, entrepreneur and storyteller at heart who is paving her own path to success.

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Sheryl Ng

Sheryl Ng Sze Ying

Sheryl Ng Sze Ying is not only making waves in the local photography scene but setting fashion trends- one Cadaeur bracelet at a time. The best part? She’s only 18 years old.

A Photographer

Ethereal, elegant and passionate- those are the words I’d use to describe the photographs shot by Sheryl Ng. Her work displayed on her Instagram portfolio, “@_theleftside” has managed to captivate and enthrall 14,500 followers and by the end of this article, I’m sure you will be too.

Sheryl's photography

Being part of the minority is something Sheryl is proud of thus she named her instagram account @_theleftside in celebration of being a left hander

Ever since she was young, Sheryl showed an interest in photography and would enjoy taking photos of herself in unconventional ways. As her little hands roved over the various nooks and knobs of the camera, her creativity and love for photography took root and blossomed. She soon started exploring into the work of other photographers and found herself intrigued in the way these stills could convey such powerful messages. This revelation sparked the motivation within Sheryl to take her photography to the next level.

Resourceful as ever, Sheryl took to photography and editing tutorials to learn the craft and would often adopt techniques used by different photographers and combine it with tricks of her own. Through learning, observation and practice, she found a distinct style to call her own.

girl with green hair

If you couldn’t guess already, Sheryl Ng is inspired mostly by nature and the beauty found in little things. Like many great artists, beautiful female faces and their feminine figures have become her muse.

“I’d say that my style gravitates towards a dreamy and soft feel that captures femininity.”

I have to admit, I thought Sheryl would be packing a whole host of gear, full frame DSLR cameras and lenses the length of my arm but I was wrong. She doesn’t need all that to make her magic. She reveals that she doesn’t own much gear- her much loved Nikon D7200, Nikkor 50mm F1.8 lens and Sigma 30mm F1.4 (which is currently broken much to her dismay) is enough for her. Those along with her water bottle, random pieces of jewelry, fake flowers and her most vital item- mosquito repellent, is what you’d find Sheryl packing into her nifty Cotton On bag for a photoshoot.

Sheryl doesn’t subscribe to constantly upgrading her gear for the latest and greatest. She’d rather invest in a good versatile camera which will serve her well for a good many years.

On a professional level, Sheryl Ng offers photography services like shooting for portfolios, events and lookbooks for boutiques. Her dream is to one day break into the fashion photography industry and shoot ad campaigns for fashion tycoons and high end models from Victoria Secret.

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An Entrepreneur


The name “Cadeaur” derived from the French word “cadeau” which means “gift”

“My boyfriend and I always thought of having our own little business to make some money in order to travel and try new things together”

Cadeaur- an edgy, stylish and a touch boho-chic bracelet line is the brainchild of Sheryl and her boyfriend, Desmond. What started out as a Valentine’s Day gift turned into a budding online business on Instagram. It now boasts its own website and provides worldwide shipping for their ever-growing international clientele.

The Mixed Metal collection

The Mixed Metal collection

Every product they create has its own story which is brought to life with beautiful designs, colors and accents. Sheryl and Desmond have made sure to cater to different tastes and styles by developing a diverse range of versatile designs- nobody gets left behind!

Life however dictates that all good things come with a price and Sheryl’s success is no exception. Running one business at the age of 17 is tough enough and Sheryl has two on her plate (which translates to twice the amount of difficult customers)! It requires a lot of time, effort and attention which puts a strain on not only her education but personal life as well. While it’s very stressful, Sheryl gets through it with patience and a tidal-wave of support from friends and family who constantly motivate her.

Being the restless creative soul that she is, Sheryl has decided to do more than sell bracelets and that’s where she recently came up with another online store, The Anomaly, which is currently based on Instagram.

One of the first few products sold on The Anomaly's instagram shop @shop.theanomaly

One of the first few products sold on The Anomaly’s instagram shop @shop.theanomaly

When questioned regarding future plans, Sheryl hopes to have a physical store for both Cadeaur and The Anomaly. She feels that it’s important for her customers to see and feel the products for themselves before purchasing. In the long run, she hopes that her brands will break international barriers by opening up her stores worldwide.


“Learn to truly appreciate the support given and don’t mind the haters. Remember to stay humble and not let money cloud your thoughts”


“Get inspired. Be motivated to learn! Never limit yourself and always strive to be better. Overtime, you will learn and develop your own style that you love and are proud of!”

All photos belong to Sheryl Ng Sze Ying

Nadhirah Rafidz


Nadhirah Rafidz

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