Descendants of the Sun review: The feel good drama that came to an end


Thus concludes the Song Joong Ki fan-girling, witty banter and good-feels from KBS’s Descendants of the Sun.

A Korean drama which was a raving success not only in South Korea but around the world, closed it’s curtains with a somewhat happy ending and less drama.

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In this military meets medicine romance-melodrama series, we follow deadly but charming Special Forces Captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong-Ki) and smart and beautiful Doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye-Kyo) as they save lives in a war-torn country, crash multiple cars, navigate through mine-fields and fall in love.

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“Yoo Si Jin: If you’re a doctor, you must not have a boyfriend since you’re so busy.

Kang Mo Yeon: If you’re a soldier, you must not have a girlfriend since it’s so hard.

Yoo Si Jin: Who should answer..?”

I enjoyed every moment of this 16 episode long drama and each time I was left pining for more. One of the strongest points of this drama is its dialogue which is witty, funny and also heartfelt. I can’t count the number of times I burst out laughing at home, earning me a “Are you okay? (she’s crazy)” side-glance from family members. The script coupled with a strong cast is what really brought this drama to life and was able to create a worldwide hype.

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“If you ruin the wedding (of your ex) your way, the woman will be glad she got rid of you. But if you take me (to the wedding), she’ll regret all night long”

-Myung Ju to Dae Young (the second leads) when they first meet

Descendants of the Sun had strong themes such as, the value of human life, duty to one’s country, camaraderie, and of course protecting the ones you love. My favorite theme however, which was strongly portrayed in Captain Yoo Si Jin, is the importance of seizing chances before it’s too late. I felt this was really fitting for a romance drama set in a soldier’s world where you never know if you’ll be alive to see the next day.

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I spend 12 hours a day in surgery fighting to keep people alive. That’s what I do, I fight for life. But your fight is to protect others through death. – Dr Kang Mo Yeon to Captain Yoo Si Jin

Dating military style

During the earthquake episodes, I really felt the urgency and panic as well as the fragility of life in one’s hand. Many scenes left me feeling touched and ready to hop on a plane to volunteer at the nearest disaster zone. During these episodes, you can really feel the patriotism and duty of not only the soldiers but the medical team working alongside them.

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As the series progressed, it became lighter and funnier which was totally okay because I never once felt bored watching our hard-edged “Big Boss” (Si Jin) crack a wise-ass joke or stony faced Seo Dae Young contend with giddy-in-love Yoon Myung Ju. Lets not forget the bromance between Si Jin and Dae Young- polar opposites in character yet best friends who manage to crack me up every time. It is rare to find a drama which not only makes you love and cheer for the main leads but the supporting roles as well.

Si jin and Dae Young

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However, I felt episode 15 was pretty much a “failed operation”. It felt unnecessary, predictable and to be honest it wasn’t even sad because it was getting rather predictable and the reactions in that episode didn’t feel real. That was the only major let down (in my opinion) of Descendants of the Sun.

This drama is definitely worth watching if you’re into feel-good shows (although there are a couple of intense episodes), bromance, romance and laughing hard.


I will never forget Seo Dae Young's dancing- look at that face!

I will never forget Seo Dae Young’s dancing- look at that face!

fist bump


“A4 scares me more than C4”

– Si Jin when ordered by his superior to write a textbook thick report

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