Watch why Kiran Jassal thinks vaping is just an excuse to quit smoking


Kiran Jassal believes that those who want to quit smoking should not use vaping as a means to doing so.

Most people are hooked on excuses before quitting something as it’s denial followed by not actually wanting to do it. But for Miss Universe Malaysia 2016, Kiran Jassal, if you want to quit something especially smoking, just do it! There is no reason to use vaping as an excuse to phase out smoking and get hooked on it along the way. This straight A’s student who will be pursuing dentistry at the International Medical University after her reign is extremely opinionated. Kiran, who believes in maintaining her health through good diet and fitness regime, is known to take up obstacle courses such as Viper Challenge and BloodRunner.

After spending a day with her, we can safely say that those of you who think that all of her strengths lie on the surface are WRONG as this woman is an all rounder in every sense of the word.

If we’ve just described your perfect woman, check out the interview below and prepare to be amazed by her charming personality as she talks about legalizing marijuana for a purpose and many more.

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Video: Kamil Haziq

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