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The first thing you check before you travel is the amount of money you possess in your bank account. From there, you’ll be able to decide the quality of travel you can afford.

Although backpacking allows for a more wallet-friendly journey, it doesn’t mean you should downgrade your travel experience by staying at crappy places. It can be both good on experience and your wallet if you know how to search for that right place.

Here’s some tip you can consider before deciding on that room.

  • When searching for a place to stay, don’t limit yourself to 1 booking engine, as others might offer you the same accommodation with a lower price.
  • Always check whether the price stated is inclusive of taxes and other additional charges so that you won’t stray from the budget allocated.
  • I know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but do check the star-rating so that you can pretty much estimate the quality of the place (although sometimes good places are under-rated and vice versa).
  • Check the nearby attractions around the place. I know you want to cut cost but if you have to do a marathon to get to where you want to go, it’s not worth it. Remember, don’t trade experience for a thicker wallet.
  • While some don’t mind the loud surroundings, some prefer a more low-key environment. If you’re not interested in mingling around and building network, choose a place that allows you to have that zen moment. 

Finally, our list of backpacking hostels in Kuala Lumpur:

Note: The price listed is for dorm room average per night for 1 adult unless stated otherwise.

  •     TWENTY 5 by OHANA

    Going for the concept of luxury in simplicity, this place seem to have been decorated for the elites and you might hesitate to even attempt on checking the price but fret not because you can stay here for as low as RM45 per night. Located at level 25 of Ohana Suite, you are also entitled to a front row seat to Kuala Lumpur’s skyline. For that zen moment, just sit by the window and sip your hot coffee.

    Price: RM45.00

    Contact:  +6012 695 6608 |


  • Rainforest Bed and Breakfast

    For those who appreciates Oriental decor, this unique boutique hotel is located at the “Golden Triangle” of Kuala Lumpur. This 5-storey building gives you an illusion of being inside a rainforest. That’s your zen moment right there. For those looking for action, just step right out of the hotel.

    Price: RM35.00

    Contact: +603 2145 3525 |


  • Paper Plane Hostel

    A place with a story to tell. Re-built from a 100-year old colonial house, Paper Plane is filled with wall paintings from different artists.  This amazing juxtaposition of paintings and sheer creativity, brought back life to this historical place. If night gets lonely or dull, just walk up to the rooftop garden and have a drink or two to just relish in the night sky. Another zen moment!

    Price: RM70.00

    Contact: +603 2110 1676 |


  • Bullockcart Hostel

    If you’re looking for a short stay in KL, you might want to check out Bullockcart Hostel in Brickfields. Named after one of the most popular mode of transportation in the old days, this place has a feeling of antiquity to it. The lounge area is nicely decorated with wall murals by local artists and authentic antique furniture, to allow for both social and solitary moment.

    Price: RM30.00

    Contact: +60 322763738 |


  • Back Home Hostel

    Much like its name, this place attract tourists from all over the world for its ability to make guests feel right at home. Situated near the Petaling Street and Chinatown, the Central Market, Merdaka Square, KL Tower and the Islamic Art Museum, it’s easy to understand why this place is quite popular among tourists. Even the design of the building has earned the founder, a Malaysian Architecture Association’s PAM Award for “Best Adaptive Re-use”. Despite it being slightly higher in price, it guarantees you a 5-star backpacking experience you won’t regret.

    Price: RM60.00

    Contact: +603 2022 0788 |


  • Dreamville Hostel

    Aim to make your trip in KL as comfortable as possible, Dreamville provides you with almost everything you can get at home. Simple yet cozy, it’s great for chilling and to engage in cultural exchange with other travelers. Other perks of staying at Dreamville –  you will have easy access to the city center and other tourist attractions, as it’s only a stone’s throw away from the KLCC Twin Towers.

    Price: RM32.00

    Contact: 017-657 0699


  • Reggae Mansion

    Reggae Mansion in China Town captures the nostalgic feeling of the colonial era in a beautiful 3-storey building with bars and lounge area that is fitting for intercultural interactions. Reggae Mansion also has its own kitchen and roof-top area where you can roam around freely and soak in the surroundings.

    Price: RM58.00

    Contact: +603 20726877 | +603 20726878 |


  • The Reeds Boutique Hotel

    The building of The Reeds Boutique Hotel along Jalan Yap Ah Shak screams history. It’s all about preservation within modernistic architectural designs and it’s Malaysian cultures and hospitality at its best.

    Price: RM58.00

    Contact: +603 2602 0330 |


  • Revopackers

    Only 5 minutes walk from Berjaya Times Square, a hub for backpackers was set up among the tall buildings as their temporary sanctuary. Revopackers also opted for a simple design without taking away the essential aspects of a backpackers hostel. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, attached bathroom and a reading light for readers.

    Price: RM45.00

    Contact: +603 9224 7655 |


  • Grid 9

    Partnered with Zouk KL, Grid 9 at Jalan Maharajalela is definitely for the party people. What sets Grid 9 apart from other budget hotels is the design that is based on a grid and the vision of the place to create a social enclave between the guests. Additionally, at Grid 9, guests will be able to enjoy complimentary access to Zouk KL and 10% bottle discount upon entry.

    Price: RM45.00

    Contact: +603 9226 2629


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