20 of the best excuses for being late to class


Admit it, we’ve all done it before – showed up to class an hour late and had all eyes in the hall turn to you. The worst part of it is when your teacher/lecturer refuses to let it slip, and puts you on the spot by asking the reason for your lateness.

Here’s a compilation of some of the best (term used loosely) excuses we’ve found. It’s not recommended that you try them, though.


1. I had to drop off my ferret for chemotherapy first.

2. I was working on that assignment you gave us and lost track of time.

3. I was at a mall before this and I couldn’t remember where I parked.

4. I tried a new way to school and got lost.

I don't care

5. Hey, at least I made it today.

6. I thought today (Tuesday) was Wednesday.

7. There was a ‘buy one, free one’ promo at my fave coffee place and the line was really long.

8. Someone pressed the buttons for all the floors in the elevator. It stopped at every floor. 


9. I had to park, like, really far away.

10. I was halfway here and realised I left my laptop at home, and had to go back and get it.

11. I saw a litter of kittens.

12. Not my fault if you guys decide to be early.

girl bye

13. There was a huge cockroach in my car.

14. Walked in at 9 am for an 8 am class, “You mean it doesn’t start at 9?”

15. My watch was set to Jakarta time.

16. I didn’t have the keys to my car.

eye roll

17. My grandmother is giving birth.

18. I had Nasi Lemak last night from a roadside vendor. I was stuck in the bathroom all day.

19. How come you never say anything when I’m on time?

20. This is a bonus excuse from a lecturer when she didn’t show up with the mid-term quizzes she was supposed to hand out that day, “I left the stack of questions in the back seat of my car with the window down, and the rain got to it.”

Leena Pathma


Leena Pathma

Surprisingly social, she loves talking to people, but often ends up asking the wrong (read: awkward) questions. Has the attention span of a gold fish and spends her free time staring at a spot on the wall, lost in daydreams. Reads so much that she once nearly went blind, and would pick a night in bed re-reading Harry Potter over a fancy dinner any time. I mean, who wouldn’t, really?

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