Is STPM for you? This will help you decide!


“STPM? You crazy ah? Gonna die man!”

Sounds familiar? Well that may have been the case a few years back but now with the new modular system introduced in 2012, STPM is now an option for us mortals. Phew!

The basics of STPM


The Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) or also known as Form 6 is a popular pre-university course offered at selected secondary schools in Malaysia.

STPM is recognised by many universities, especially in the Commonwealth countries, as well as in the United States and Ireland.

How is STPM structured?

STPM structure

  • Three term examinations comprising of written assessments and school based assessments
  • Coursework to final exam ratio is around 20:80 or 40:60 depending on your subject choice
  • No official textbooks so you will need to find your own reference books and exchange notes with your friends – so be nice!
  • With a total of 23 subjects available, students must complete subjects including General Studies and MUET (for those aiming to enter local universities)

Why should you take STPM?

STPM opportunities

  • STPM is the most financially friendly course therefore your parents won’t be burdened with the idea of breaking the bank for your education
  • STPM encourages students to voice their opinions by asking questions based on their perspectives
  • Students are allowed to retake their examinations in order to strengthen their score as well
  • STPM is very similar to university courses therefore transition is easier compared to those who did matriculation

Who is STPM for?


You should consider taking STPM if:

  • You enjoy in-depth learning, projects and experiments
  • You are a student that has good (or aims to improve) social skills as there will be lots of teamwork assignments and discussions
  • You are a student willing to face an intense studying schedule as STPM can get very challenging
  • You are ambitious and is able to cope with stress


You should NOT consider taking STPM if:

  • You have abysmal time management. The most important skill of surviving STPM is determination, discipline and time management
  • You are into a more chilled lifestyle, STPM may really mess with your groove as many students coming out of Form 6 claim that they had to follow an “Eat-sleep-study-repeat” process
  • You are a student who wants to graduate and get your degree as soon as possible – please exit to the left for foundation studies

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