A take on the Australian matriculation (AUSMAT)


What’s SAM? What’s AUSMAT? Are they the same thing? Fret not, we have you covered with this simple and summarized guide to both.

Upon completion of SAM, students receive the South Australian Certificate of Education while AUSMAT students receive the West Australian Certificate of Education. In a nutshell, they’re pretty much the same except one is governed by South Australia while the other West Australia.

The basics of SAM/AUSMAT


Contrary to popular belief, Australian Matriculation is not a walk in the park. Granted, it’s not as brain-melting, acne-sprouting and sleep depriving-ly hard as IB and A-Levels but it does not come without its own set of challenges. Australian Matriculation requires you to be constantly on your game- no lepak or injury time here boys and girls because there are continuous assessments which contribute to your overall ATAR results.

It is recognized locally as well as worldwide and has intakes in January, March, July and September.

How is SAM/AUSMAT structured?

Australian Matriculation (Ausmat)

  • Students will take a total of 5 subjects including English
  • There will be continuous assessments in the form of assignments, essays, lab reports, quizzes, oral exams and last of all there will be a final exam
  • Ministry of Education in Malaysia has required students to take Malaysian Studies for local students and Malay Language for international students
  • The coursework to study ratio for SAM is 70:30 (depending on subjects taken) while for AUSMAT is 50:50

Why should you take SAM/AUSMAT?

Australian Matriculation (Ausmat)

  • This program allows you to complete subjects over a period of longer than one year if need be and you’re allowed to increase your university aggregate score by repeating subjects without any penalty incurred
  • The final results use the ATAR system which is the sum of your top 4 subjects and 1/2 the score of your weakest subject
  • Students are not put under rigorous studying conditions like A Levels as much of their final score is contributed by coursework

Who is SAM/AUSMAT for?

Australian Matriculation (Ausmat)

You should consider taking SAM/AUSMAT if:

  • You are interested in independent learning, have good time management skills and is able to multi-task well
  • You refer continuous assessments rather than one ultimatum-exam

Australian Matriculation (Ausmat)

You should NOT consider taking SAM/AUSMAT if:

  • You study inconsistently (or slow at learning) and is unable to manage your time well
  • You tend to take extended vacations from your study desk because you have commitment issues
  • You are aiming to do a competitive degree such as medicine and architecture are also not advised to do SAM/ AUSMAT

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