SongkRUN Water Run & Music Festival Live in Malaysia 2016


Water + music? Yeah we know you are probably thinking of the usual karaoke/dance session in the shower. Now think of that in a much much bigger scale and you’ll get – SongkRUN!


The first edition of the world-famous non-competitive water fun-run, SongkRUN by Biotherm, is finally here and we can assure you that it is not an event you would want to miss. Sure, you gotta do a teeny weeny bit of running but think of all that water you’re gonna get splashed with. Still can’t imagine it? Here’s some numbers to get your imagination cracking. Think 33 thousand gallons of water. It’s totally worth it! While you’re getting drenched, you get to jive and groove to the latest beats from various music genres.

You also get to contribute – bring those water guns out and shoot at anyone and everyone present in the vicinity while dancing to the beat. The party continues when you cross the finish line and the Wet-Music Festival kicks into gear! It’s the best relief you can get from the hot weather Malaysians have been enduring lately.

Inspired by the Songkran festival celebrated in Thailand, the SongkRUN is a series of water-themed fun runs that will take place across 8 cities – Singapore, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Manila, Taipei, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

If you need a bigger picture on how it’s going to go down on April 3rd at Sepang International Circuit, the image below should give you an idea.


With a total of five stages at every 1 km, each station consists of different genre of music with various enjoyable ways of getting people drenched. Following the run, participants will be greeted by established musicians and DJs such as Nikki, XU, Twinkies and Dennis Lau who will officially start off the anticipated music festival.

If you’re trying to seek sweet revenge on annoying little brother, friends or even colleagues in a discrete way, this will be the perfect chance to get them soaked with regret without getting into (much) trouble. It’s a perfect weekend family outing and you’d be surprised how this 1 day outdoor cross cultural fitness and music event can bring people together from all around the world.

Show a sense of camaraderie people and get those guns loaded… the water guns lah!

How to participate: 

2 Types of race tickets available:

  1. MYR125.00 for the Standard pack which comes with t-shirt, medal, waterproof pouch, and wristband,
  2. MYR155.00 for the Shooter pack which comes with an additional water gun with water filler stations along the track and later in the party area.

If you are anything like us, we strongly recommend the Shooter pack. So, what are you waiting for, register fast to avoid disappointment.

Note:Campus Plus readers can enjoy a 15% discount when purchasing tickets by keying this promo code: songkruncampusplus

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