What is A-Level? Your questions answered here!


Traditionally regarded as one of the most popular routes into university, A-Level offers you the flexibility of studying more than one subject.

Find out what you need in order to take A-Level, how they are studied and who is A-Level for.

The basics of A-Level


A-Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) is based on the UK education system and is offered to pre-university students all over the world. Subjects chosen in A-Level don’t necessarily have to be either from the humanities stream or science stream – you are allowed to choose a combination of both so that you have a greater variety of degree choices in the future.

The program is 16-24 months long and usually have intakes in January, March and July.

A-Level is well known and respected all around the world and accepted at almost all leading universities.

How is the A-Level course structured?


  1. The A-level examination is split into two papers namely AS (which covers the basics) and A2 (more complex and in depth)
  2. It is rigid in a sense that it is 100% examination based therefore no coursework is involved
  3. Students can take up to a maximum of 4 subjects (minimum of 3 subjects) from a total of over 40 choices related to their career/degree

Why should you take A-Level?


  1. The syllabus focuses on an in-depth content knowledge area and since you’re only doing 3 subjects, you’re able to focus on subjects you’re passionate about
  2. This course also trains you to think analytically and critically which is an extremely valuable asset in the working world
  3. If you’re not so sure of what you want to do in university and you’re still waiting for an epiphany, A-Level is a course which allows you to keep your options relatively wide open in the future
  4. No coursework to deviate or distract you from your studies
  5. Students are allowed to re-take papers to boost up their grades

Who is A-Level for?


You should consider taking A-Level if:

  1. You are an independent learner who wants to study overseas
  2. You are academically capable and prefers examinations rather than coursework
  3. You are a student that is ready to hit the books for many hours and is open minded and is able to think critically and analytically


You should NOT consider taking A-Level if:

  1. You HATE exams, and just thinking about it makes you break out in hives
  2. You are seeking a more holistic education that improves your interpersonal and practical skills
  3. You think study-time is your personal hell

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