Breastfeeding in public: Yes or No (Interview with TRAXXfm)


Should women be allowed to breastfeed in public?

There have been continuous debates on this topic and although many feel it’s natural, some aren’t in favor of this. Watch what TRAXXfm DJs BK & Diyana had to say about this and many other taboo topics on CampusPlus TV.

Balakarthik (fondly known as BK) and Diyana Hashim are radio announcers with TRAXXfm – Malaysia’s oldest English radio station.

Check out our YouTube channel for the exclusive interview.

Eusoff Andrei


Eusoff Andrei

Eusoff Andrei does DJ'ing, emceeing, and acting on the side and he thinks he's pretty darn good at it too. He loves performing arts and as a social creature, he enjoys meeting new people for inspiration.

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