MTV’s Video Love: Onscreen with your favorite music


We’re accustomed to leaving our opinions in the comments section below videos, but what if we told you there’s now a chance to have your comments shown to the world alongside your fave music acts and the hottest music videos? MTV’s Video Love is the show for you then.

Here’s a trailer to better demonstrate what the show is like:

Every 30-minute episode showcases 8 music videos from a variety of artists. Throughout each show, the artists’ unique super-fans provide commentary, weighing in on anything and everything related to their favorite idols straight from their smart phones, tablets and computers!

So if you wanna share your love, your thoughts or simply just want to comment on one of their featured videos every week then simply follow these TWO simple steps:

  1. Tell us what you think of the featured videos here:  OR
  2. Post your video or comment on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Vines, Youtube, etc.) and then add the hashtag #videoloveasia
[Image: MTV Asia]

[Image: MTV Asia]

To sweeten the deal, those whose entries get selected will score a MTV premium goodie bag, which comprises MTV shades, tote bags and LED rings – totally worth showing off to your friends for.


PREMIERE: Every Saturday (starting 26 December), 3.30pm

REPLAYS: Sunday, 8pm

Monday, 1pm

Tuesday, 5pm

Thursday, 3pm & 9pm

Rachel Fong


Rachel Fong

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