The Boy review – The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan babysits creepy doll


The upcoming horror film The Boy  is going to make people terrified of dolls all over again. We guarantee you won’t be looking at nannying the same way ever again.

The film’s synopsis and trailer are below:

“In search of a fresh start away from a troubled past, a young American woman named Greeta (Lauren Cohan) has been hired by a strange elderly couple to care for Brahms, a life-sized doll that they treat like a real child. A stand-in for the son they lost tragically 20 years earlier, Brahms comes with a lengthy list of rules that Greta is warned to follow. Left alone in the sprawling mansion while her new employers take a long-awaited holiday, Greta ignores the rules and begins a tentative flirtation with handsome local deliveryman Malcolm (Rupert Evans), until a series of disturbing and inexplicable events convinces her that supernatural forces are at work.”

Here’s the complete list of rules just in case you come across Brahms for yourself:

– Rule #1: No boyfriends

– Rule #2: Dress him each morning

– Rule #3: Kiss him Goodnight

– Rule #4: Never leave him alone

– Rule #5: Never go in the attic

– Rule #6: Help with studies

– Rule #7: Never cover his face

In a horror film for which the setting and atmosphere are so critical, the filmmakers did a very good job in creating a realistic design that makes the doll appears believable as a real kid in some shots, but is very much a doll in others. Instead of featuring an overtly creepy doll like Chuckie or Annabelle, Brahms has an innocent, childlike look, until the light changes a little bit and then he looks like he wants to kill you. Brahms is also relatively well turned-out, having his own wardrobe from flannel pajamas to formal suits with the short pants typical of British schoolboys.

It is a doll. I believe it is Brahms.

It is a doll. I believe it is Brahms.

It was a very well-written script with an unusual twist that we didn’t see coming.

A girl alone in a strange house has been done a lot, it’s hard to find a unique approach to that, but The Boy succeeds in keeping the audience glued to their seats as the movie progresses. The storyline is unique, original and full of surprises right up to the very end. But of course, as in most really good thrillers, nothing is what it seems. You’ll see all kinds of clues scattered throughout, but while you’re watching it, you won’t see it coming.

When you’re alone in your house, strange things happen.

When you’re alone in your house, strange things happen.

After seven seasons playing zombie-apocalypse survivor Maggie Greene on the hit AMC television series The Walking Dead, actress Lauren Cohan perfectly demonstrates the vulnerability and strength of a young woman left with few choices, but determined to make the best of the ones she has. The Walking Dead has already made Cohan a familiar face, but The Boy will highlight her magnetism on the big screen. The Heelshires, Brahms’ “parents,” played by Diana Hardcastle and Jim Norton also lend absolutely believable dynamic which is critical to the story.


Lauren Cohan stars in The Boy

If you’re not a fan of cheap “jump scares”, you know the ones where a big scary ghost face suddenly pops up in front of you accompanied by an ear-piercingly loud scream or violin chord, this film might be your style of horror. While The Boy delivers its own share of suspense, it never over-strains itself relying on cheesy gore or unnecessary jump scares.

The Boy 2016 Movie Review

The public face of Heelshire Manor is elegant, but there’s another side to the house that can be quite sinister.

Runtime: 1 hr. 37 min.

Starring: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle, Ben Robson and James Russell

Release Date: 21 January 2016

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