UNIQLO X Hana Tajima Spring/Summer 2016


When UK designer Hana Tajima’s first collection for Uniqlo was revealed earlier this year, hijabistas and fashionistas cut from every kind of cloth were immediately hooked as they caused the modest yet chic Raya pieces to fly off the shelves.

Five months down the road, those same women will be looking to clear a little space in their closets as Uniqlo has once again teamed up with Hana Tajima for a versatile range of wardrobe pieces. Infusing the designs with her Japanese roots and English upbringing has created a collection marked by vibrant prints, lively colors and innovative cuts. Fans, old and new alike, can look forward to hijab headscarves, relaxed jeans, tunics, AIRism hijab innerwear headscarves and lots more.

The collection will be available in Uniqlo’s online store by 8 January 2015, and in stores by 15 January.  Prices range from RM19.90 to RM199.90.



Rachel Fong


Rachel Fong

A writer by day, and voracious sitcom viewer by night (or any other hour if she could), Rachel is also an overly enthusiastic online shopper whose look has swung from wannabe retro housewife to couldn't-care-less-couch potato. She loves petting (friendly!) fluffy dogs and wants to be a well-fed sloth in the Costa Rica sanctuary when she grows up.

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