10 easy-peasy Halloween makeup looks to try this Halloween


BOO! Think Halloween make-up is restricted to the realm of black lipstick, a spit of fake blood and dusting of talcum powder for a ghostly sheen? Well, think again. While we are not particularly engrossed in the culture of celebrating the 31st of October, here are two typical scenarios that you may stumble upon.


Nooo! Don’t open the door! [pllgifs.tumblr.com]

Scenario 1: It’s the day before Halloween and while you’ve settled down with your rock solid plan to couch like a potato with a bag of BBQ chips (the irony), ready to be eyeballed by Ju On… *beep*… you receive a last minute invitation to a Halloween party. Now you may gambol around with joy at the thought of ditching the #foreveralone clan, or you start ruminating, “Does black nail polish count as Halloween makeup?” Panic sets in.


Most overdone Halloween costume – period. [giphy.com]

Scenario 2: You’ve always loved Halloween and this year, it’s part of your resolution to invest some time and effort into your getup. Simply ’cause the sexy kitten/bunny costume you’ve recycled for years now just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Either way, there are plenty of simple and effortless ways to scare the bejesus out of your friends and family. If you’re on the lazy end of the spectrum (who isn’t?), fret not! We got yer back.

We dug up five Halloween makeup ideas that anyone can recreate so you don’t have to run through every corner of the Internet for the winning rig (*wink*). Pick from one of the below (or mash ’em up!) and you can now step out and scare (or charm) in style.

#1. Snapchat Rainbow

Halloween makeup doesn’t get easier – or hipper – than this brilliant look that’s based on Snapchat’s new puking rainbow lens. Your Snap-addicted friends will be so impressed with this story-worthy look. The best part? All you need is a combo of white eyeliner, black mascara, some multicolored face paint for the stream of rainbow yawn and a reasonably steady hand. You don’t even need a costume to go with it.

Totally feasible on guys too!

#2. Creepy Doll

Vampires, ghosts, and werewolves have been done to death, plus pulling them off convincingly tends to be expensive and would require a set of pretty polished makeup skills (don’t even get us started on the array of brushes and products), but this video made it possible for the makeup rookies amongst us to actually achieve a ghoulish get-up while looking…adorable?

As for the outfit, think along the lines of cute but creepy! Reach for whimsical floral dresses, some knee high socks, and maybe a classic little pair of Mary Janes to top it off.

#3. Mermaid

Okay, we get it. Not everyone is up for creepy. Maybe you’re going for pretty because #truestory, we want the cutest Halloween Instagram snaps possible. In this case, you can opt to embrace your inner mermaid. All you need are fishnet stockings and brightly colored eye shadows for a journey under the sea with this subtle mermaid look. You can purchase those wild and funky eye shadows from Daiso for RM5.30 (*cough* GST included) each.

If you are thinking green, recycle a used fishnet stocking to create the iridescent fish scales texture. As for the mermaid costume, ransack your wardrobe for a maxi skirt coupled with a bikini along with some seashell accessories for an Ariel-like touch.

Closer to home, Harmini from Deeper than Fashion also aspires to be a mermaid.

#4. Oh Deer

While a female deer may not sound like a particularly sexy Halloween choice, this woodland fawn look is sure to give you an instant come-hither appeal. It may look intricate and complicated but we promise you, it’s not rocket science. With just a white eye shadow, brown and black eyeliners, bronzer, mascara as well as nude lipstick, you can pull this off with stuff you probably already have in your makeup bag.

As for the antlers, you can easily DIY from a good old cardboard or just pick up some twigs around your neighborhood!

#5. Comic Book Ingénue

We love this comic book-worthy look (something different from the usual bats and witches) because it’s completely out of the box! Plus, it’s right on the pop art trend. If you have upwards of an hour to spend on your makeup and an obsession with vintage pop art, try transforming yourself into a walking-talking piece of artwork. Who knew turning your face into a 2D cartoon could be this simple?

A bold vintage wig will also go a long way in channeling the pop art look!

#6. Betty Boop

While some opt to walk down the gory route for Halloween, we know our beauties out there may still be keeping an eye out on something sweeter. And no one defines subtle bombshell better than Miss Betty Boop; with her boopin’ and doopin’ paving the way for a curvy, red-lipped babe and a flirtatious attitude, how could anyone resists? Her long lashes, round & rosy cheeks, Clara Bow-esque wild curls and adorably pouty little mouth are to die for. It’s surprisingly easy to recreate too.

Throw on a slinky little party dress and steal this wide-eyed cutie look. Broop-broop-be-doop indeed!

#7. Spider Queen

To all the ladies scrambling to find a Halloween costume at 11.59 p.m. on 30th October, yes, this one is for you. The costume that you have been frisking for all this while is hiding right in your makeup pouch. Spider webs on your eyes? You betcha! With the help of your trusty black eyeliner, it’s the perfect fix for a last-minute LBD costume.

Spice up your spidery look with a few jewels, throw in a cute pair of booties and you’re all set for Halloween!

#8. Emoji Makeup

If you are an emoji connoisseur, chances are you spend your days sending pizza slices, flamenco dancers and hearts of every shade to your besties. And, even though we’re all anxiously waiting for the new slew of emoji (where are you, kangkung?), we will still remain loyal to the numerous faces that so accurately capture our mood with just one tap. If you still haven’t honed in the perfect Halloween costume, we have the perfect idea.

How about a range of emoji faces that are super simple to emulate with the ideal blend of cute and creepy just for the big night out? Well, we couldn’t think of a better way than to turn your favorite texting pastime into a winning Halloween costume!

#9. Scarecrow

You don’t need a fancy costume to slay Halloween this year because there’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic for Halloween. Easy, quick and head turning, you just need to throw on a plaid shirt (we all have one, don’t we?); some makeup essentials for the adorably messy stitch marks and you’re halfway to impersonating a scarecrow.

To complete the look, spot a floppy hat and stuff some straw in your sleeve openings and under your overalls!

#10. Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max

If you have no makeup skills whatsoever, you’re in for a treat! Mad Max’s Imperator Furiosa is quite possibly the most straightforward Halloween makeup of the year. It takes indisputably zero prep work (just some black eye shadow and cream pigment, lot’s of gel, brunette colored hair spray, and bronzer), looks great (think badass Charlize Theron) and is an instant hit! The best part of all? You have the green card to screw up your makeup (imprecision, horrible blending technique and wobbly hands? Bring it on!) because the look is meant to be messy, disheveled and imperfect.

Just think of the appearance that you are trying to achieve as an aftermath of you plunging headfirst into a pool of dirt in the middle of a grimy desert. Now, who’s in?

It’s time to dust off those wacky makeup products that have been collecting dust because for one night of the year, you are finally encouraged to don a bizarre disguise where wild looks shouldn’t be an afterthought or the result of a messy night out. (Amen!)

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