DC Shoes trase yours: A shoe-in affair


All thanks to our friends at RSH (Malaysia), we were invited to feast our eyes on a collection of awesome shoes! As part of the first ever DC Shoes South East Asia regional graphic design competition, creative juices were on free flow through a series of artworks from artists, creators and designers across the region.

Here’s the gist: Aspiring designers were put to the test and were required to custom design their own pair of new DC Trase shoes. Boasting a low profile silhouette and clean upper design, the DC Trase shoes was the perfect canvas upon which these talented individuals flaunted their creativity and talent. Entrants also crafted their art by pulling inspiration from action sports, graffiti art to poems along with touches of their own “local flavor”.

Together with many other artistically impressive DC Trase Yours entries, there were also mind-blowing work from our local artists, namely Kenji Chai, Cloakwork and Eddie Edzuan. The regional contest had concluded earlier on 21st July 2015 and saw two Malaysian designers, Irfan Faris bin Jamil and May Ooi doing us proud by making it to the final!

On the country level, DC Malaysia also organized its own competition where previous submitted entries for the regional level are once again put into another round of voting by fellow Malaysians. Jessica Lim, a 17-year-old budding designer remarkably won this contest and bagged prizes worth RM5,000 from DC Shoes Malaysia.

The winner, Jessica receiving her prize from Ester How, Brand Manager of DC Shoes Malaysia [ masses]

The winner, Jessica receiving her prize from Ester How, Brand Manager of DC Shoes Malaysia [ masses]

Now, get ready to drool over these splendid designs!

# Eddie Edzuan Vocalist, lyricist, graphic artist for post-hardcore band Tres Eempre and Creative Producer of Media Prima Televisions Networks.

Eddie’s piece is a mixture of digitally disintegrated images inspired by the mysterious and perplexing nature of man. The design that is also heavily influenced by hip gnosis is meant to deliver a new, alternative state of being, defying the realms of what’s considered “normal”.

# Kenji Chai Graffiti Artist

Inspired by Chaigo (an alter ego of Kenji’s mainly wrapping itself around works of caricature), Kenji’s piece is one that literally translates the wonder of murals and wall paintings onto shoes. Aside from striking shades of turquoise (Kenji’s favorite color), the top front of the shoes are sprinkled with dainty bits of bones. The sides see a splatter design as part of the artist’s not-so-subtle reference to street paintings. Peek inside and the inner design spots street signs!

# Ilnez Caligraphy Calligrapher/ Graphic Designer

Deep down, Ilnez believes that we’re all rebels fighting against ideas we don’t agree with. As such, his design is a call for us to walk around with pride in these shoes.

# Hugh P&M Creative Director of Pestle & Mortar Clothing

Being a staple of Malaysian cuisine that can be easily found in every household, cili padi (mat salleh translation: bird’s eye chili) easily stands out as one of the most symbolic notions that define Malaysia. It’s small, fiery, untamable and certainly versatile enough to be the one ingredient that’ll bring matters to an explosive conclusion. Having the DC shoes don these tiny ones alludes to the fact that our friends at P&M may not be the biggest out there but they sure as heck can pack a punch!

# SanJay C. Damien Graphic Designer / Illustrator

The inspiration behind SanJay’s design is the shadowy, after-dark street skateboarding culture. Speaking from experience, SanJay was once the wild child who used to sneak out during the wee hours to hang out with the big boys and skate around the streets of Penang. To his amusement, he noticed the unique story behind each and every skater’s shoes – the more worn out the shoes were, the richer the stories and experiences they held.Thus, Nightwashed channels the grittiness, rawness and the worn-out/torn look that intimates the story of each and every skateboarder on the streets. “Skaters wear their scars with pride, and what’s on their feet justifies and pushes them to reach the extra mile,” states SanJay.

# Cloakwork Graphic Artist / Illustrator / Designer

According to Cloakwork, life is full of struggles and hindrances which require one to constantly solve and overcome. In this sense, his creation, Wire & Cutter reflects the notion of a problem and a solution.

#Abang Ashraf Multimedia Designer

Upside Down Peace Sign is

a design that implies the current issues that have been threatening the peace and unity in Malaysia. All it takes is some reckless action, and peace is no more.

# MayDigital Artist who loves arts and sports

May makes the connection between a “seed” and “human organs” as illustrative of skateboarding. Just as a seed needs time to grow into a full tree, so too does the human life – learning and experience is gained one step at a time, over time. We learn from our mistakes, and patience and practice is required to become good at something. She’s of the opinion that skateboarding is a combination of “heart” and “brain” that ignites the passion and patience within.

# ShenDaydream Believer, The Swagger Salon

A throwback to the plain white school shoes that Shen was customizing with spray paints and markers, this piece epitomizes the attitude of breaking away and standing out from the herd in order to make the dreams that you believe in a reality.

# BOB from SUPERSUNDAYCreative Director of SUPERSUNDAY

SLICES was designed out of the flow of following their instincts where shape and line slicing ultimately played a huge role in each collection’s style. Clothed in minimalism, the piece can effortlessly be paired with the look and identity of the brand.


Heavily inspired by the poem “Among the Debris” by Wolflander, DEBRIS utilizes black splatters amongst the whites to illustrate the mixing of rage and longing for a revisit. In the end, amidst the debris of life, love wins, every time.

# Myo

Similar to Abang Ashraf, Myo’s piece is also influenced by the current political happenings in Malaysia. Quoting a saying, “A leader is not to create followers, but to create more leaders”, we’ll leave the rest of the interpretation of his piece to you.

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