5 of Asia’s hottest street food sellers


The Internet has yet again taken up a new trend of hunting for “hot” workers in different industries. Selling foodstuffs (or casings) is now officially the sexiest occupation around (still not too late to jump ship, kids).

Here is our run down of the ultimate eye candy peddling various edibles right now.

1. Ms Huang, the angelic beauty from Pingtung, Taiwan who is selling dumplings

Initially spotted in a promotional YouTube video playing a game of rock, paper and scissors against a young customer, the heiress of a dumpling stall has been overwhelmed with countless selfie requests by enamored customers. Embracing her God-given curves, our sexy lady boss is always seen clad in a figure-hugging white tee during working hours.

Oh, you’re really here for the dumplings? We offer that too! [veryfatoldman.blogspot.my]

Oh, you’re really here for the dumplings? We offer that too! [veryfatoldman.blogspot.my]

2. Cindy, the cute and charming Taiwanese crepe with ice cream vendor

This fair-skinned maiden with an eye-popping figure sells the most sought-after ice-cream crepe in Taipei’s Songshan District. She has been invited to appear and get featured on local news and national TV after a video of her making ice cream went viral.

Must. Not. Drool. In. Public. [blog.xuite.net]

Must. Not. Drool. In. Public. [blog.xuite.net]

3. Yi Tin Chen, the hottest tau foo fah seller from Beitou, Taipei

Who says bean curd isn’t tasty? The 27-year-old has been rumored to be helping out at his family’s shop. The 5ft 8in vendor is also a budding promotional model.


Let’s be fair, it’s incredibly hot in Taiwan and these pictures were taken around high noon – not that we’re complaining at all. [dacota.pixnet.net]

4. Je Zezhi, the ridiculously photogenic iPhone cover seller from Chaoshan, China

He was first spotted when Guangzhou Daily highlighted his die-hard persistence in operating his stall despite being chased off by inspectors up to 7 or 8 times a day. Sure enough, his charming looks swiftly caught the attention of ‘thirsty’ women on the Internet who would go the extra mile of chasing him down. The heartthrob was slightly overwhelmed by the fame and initially deleted his personal Weibo account (though it’s now back online).


There is something wrong with my phone. It doesn’t have your number in it. [shanghaiist.com]

5. A bit closer to home, we have Jordan Yeoh, the world’s hottest durian hunk

Jordan, who’s also a fitness instructor decided to cash in on the recent wave of hot hunks of street vendors after noticing the sudden hype on the Internet – joining his aunt and uncle at their durian stall. Well at least our lad was upfront about the publicity stunt.



Even got the uniform sorted! [Facebook.com]

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