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Getting up close and personal with TV host, YouTuber and entertainer, Jenn Chia.

Kecil-kecil cili padi is just the perfect catchphrase to sum up the ever-endearing “Crazy Bra Lady”, Jenn Chia. While you might recognize the 24-year-old lass from her downright hilariously whimsical YouTube videos, you may not know that Jenn had recently been charming her way into the hearts of TV viewers. Yes, as of early July, this little gem has been strutting her stuff as an 8TV Quickie host.

Despite juggling a hectic schedule of hosting, producing videos, singing, songwriting, eating, driving, Facebooking, Instagramming, etc. etc., we managed to have a quickie with her (not that kind!) as she shared with us 10 interesting things that you may not know about her.

#1 I’m the kind of person who will ask you unorthodox-first-meeting questions like, “Have you been happy?” and actually mean it.

Jenn Chia

Jenn Chia

Who would have thought this witty young lady adopts a philosophical approach to life? “I think far too many times, people dismiss the thought of what truly makes them happy, or what happiness simply means to them,” states Jenn pensively. A deep thinker, the budding TV host sets up questions as such to serve as her little reminder.

#2 Stories excite me. Connecting with people excites me. This is probably why I do what I do.


Constantly fueled to churn out YouTube videos, Jenn admits to creating videos about people and the very fundamental of everyday lives as part of her calling. “Besides, I also write songs and sing about the transitory impulses we call emotions. Now that I’m also hosting the 8TV Quickie, it’s like a goldmine where I am granted the blissful chance to connect with people on an entirely different medium,” enthuses Jen.

#3 My YouTube channel (SoImJenn) is born out of a simple concept: narcissism peppered with self-doubt.

A long time ago, in a (SEGi) University far, far away, a damsel in tutu skirt was in doubt of her songwriting and singing abilities, which oddly led to a narcissistic need (don’t judge, it’s part of our basic hierarchy of needs – at least to Abraham Maslow) to film herself on the piano while singing the first song she had ever written.

And the valiant prince who saved the damsel in distress was none other than… Mister YouTube. “I subsequently uploaded that video on YouTube with the purpose of gaining feedback to clear my doubts and to improve by collecting constructive criticism,” explains Jenn.

Little did she know, words of encouragement soon gushed in and she found herself creating more videos of her originals as well as covers. Swiftly, singing led to talking and that’s how the petite and bubbly lady we know of today shares her observations on life and people – through speaking into the camera.

#4 I love people-watching – in the non-creepiest way possible, I swear.


A stalker (no, observant soul) at heart, Jenn relishes paying attention to the way people communicate with one another. “It never fails to tickle and yet fascinates me at the same time,” adds Jenn with a grin.

#5 My songwriting started off with sappy breakup songs – you know, because nothing fueled me more than heartbreaks… just ask Taylor Swift AHAHAHA. Joke intended.

Like most traditional Chinese families everywhere (#truestory #notbeingracist), it was mandatory for Jenn to pick up an instrument that was predestined for her, and it turned out to be the piano. Coupled with her love for poems and the beauty of language, Jenn felt the natural step was to combine all her talents and venture into songwriting.

Luckily for Jenn (and the less-sappy-inclined amongst us), she eventually grew out of the mushy love songs stage. In fact, as she matured and acquired a richer life experience, her music too took to more in-depth and meaningful themes. “In short, my songs are no longer about heartbreaks; I began to explore other aspects of human experience like “friendzone”, happiness, death and positive change in life,” Jenn shares.

#6 Sometimes, I forget why I perform.


Jenn discloses that occasionally, she can get a little too occupied with tiny details and lose sight of the bigger picture. “I get caught up by noticeable details such as the quality of the speakers, the crowd’s reactions, the attire I happened to be wearing and with just about anything but the message that I intended to deliver. More often than not, it also disrupts my plan to connect with the audience,” sighs Jenn.

#7 I am not a superwoman. I just have a lot of interests, and I want to make some meaning out of the life I have been given.


A multitasker at heart, Jenn shares the wisdom of time management and prioritization as the skills that she embraces in order to maximize productivity. “Google calendar, docs and spreadsheets are my lifesavers. I spend most Sunday evenings to plan my week ahead and to minimize unwanted surprises,” she laughs.

#8 My debut single, “Apple Pie” along with my very first music video are set to be released in early September 2015.


“Apple Pie” is an unorthodox track that speaks about the stigma that our society imposes on age-gap couples. “People view large age-gaps in a relationship as if they have been living in different centuries. But there’s really no guide to a perfect relationship, you just have to work with what you have as long as you believe in it,” opines Jenn.

#9 My favorite punch line is “Train like a beast to eat like a king”.

A huge foodie lover, Jenn figured the only way to enjoy her munchies without expanding horizontally is to workout and sweat like there’s no tomorrow. # nom nom nom

#10 Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen?” and then hit the “upload” button.


For those who secretly (or not so secretly) dream of becoming a YouTube star, yeah this one is for you.


Be sure to catch Jenn on the 8TV Quickie (every other day) at 11.30PM. If you don’t have a Tee Vee (#toomainstream), playbacks are available on


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