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What is it about videogames that polarises the general public so much. If you’re want some ammo to justify your gaming habit, here are four reasons why you gamers get a leg up in life.

Some people seem to think that it’s a complete waste of time and gamers should actually focus on doing things that are more in the line of self-improvement, like sports, callisthenics & other physical activities.


gaming winning hadouken

See, fingers and wrists max exercise! Do you even hadouken bruh?

I’ll bet a dollar that these are probably the same people who cannot for the life of them understand how playing computer games competitively is now a multi-million dollar business and televised as e-sports.

Clint Eastwood gamer kids

Get off my channel you pesky gamer kids! You and your beep boop nonsense, go outside a little & see the sun!

The truth actually couldn’t be weirder – for not only these people – but to everyone; video games have been repeatedly proven through scientific & social experiments to be beneficial to us. No, seriously, hear us out…

1. Gamers learn quicker

See, even Einstein thinks it does. Photo from actual lecture he gave a while back. Obviously.

So a few months ago, results from a research study carried out in Brown University, Rhode Island discovered that gamers adapt and think differently, making them faster and more efficient learners. Subjects were shown an on-screen ‘texture’ of either visual or horizontal lines and had to quickly point out – in a fraction of a second – the one area where an anomalous texture appeared.

Prior studies have shown that people can be trained to improve their performance in the task, but if they move on to a second task too quickly, it can interfere with the learning process. So as expected the non-gamers sucked at flipping between tasks, some of the scores actually worsening, but the gamers actually improved on every turn.

‘When we study perceptual learning we usually exclude people who have tons of video game playing time because they seem to have different visual processing. They are quicker and more accurate,’ said senior author Dr Yuka Sasaki, associate professor of cognitive, linguistic and psychological sciences at Brown University. I think what Dr Yuka is saying is that gamers have such an advantage being themselves that we can’t put them into a list to study “normal” people. That would be cheating. Like gamers and cheat codes no? Guys? Sigh.

2. Driving sims make you a better driver.

Hold up, I know what you’re thinking, “Man, does this guy actually want me to believe that running over hookers in GTA in my truck makes me a better driver?” I mean proper driving sims like Gran Turismo, Dirt, Initial D, Grid (made in Malaysia for those of you who didn’t know. Yup, no kidding) heck even Need For Speed. GTA not so much, but I’m sure it has an effect on improving reaction time nonetheless (try to avoid the pedestrians dude, not make bloody Jackson Pollocks on the streets).

This is a Pollock. It’s like, art and stuff.

Games like these train you to make good decisions on the road, and make them faster according to a new study at the University of Rochester. In the study, gamers were able to evaluate the information presented and make the right choice more quickly. In fact, up to 25% faster than normal, and when in fact a second can make all the difference in avoiding a collision, being ¼ faster is definitely a plus.

3. Gaming actually helps with health problems.

Alzheimer’s, Dyslexia, Parkinson’s, you name it. Games have been in the forefront of radical treatment options to improve the lives of those suffering from countless conditions. Like for example, playing computer-based physical therapy games can help people with Parkinson’s disease improve their gait and balance, according to a new pilot study led by the UCSF School of Nursing & Red Hill Studios, a California gaming software developer.

In another part of the world, biochemists at the University of Washington teamed up with their colleagues in the computer science department to develop the free video game called Foldit, where gamers attempt puzzles that are actually concepts of protein folding in order to visualize new drug structures, which don’t yet exist, helping them manufacture it synthetically.

So go ahead man, pick up that controller… You’re saving a life somewhere. Ok not literally, but you get the point.

4. Learn something, faster and more effectively than say, reading it from a book.

In the future libraries will look like these LAN parties. No bikini chick running around with a scorecard though.

Educators are straight-up substituting traditional learning tools with actual videogames in schools & colleges around the globe. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band let you take apart individual sections of songs and focus on them, effectively teaching you chords & music arrangements, without ever having to wonder what that worm thing looks like at the start of every music sheet (FYI it’s called a Treble Clef). Or how about learning the concepts of electrical engineering from… oh I don’t know. Minecraft? Yes it’s all about building blocks (pretty much a virtual LEGO fantasy), but see, Minecraft has an in-game mineral known as Redstone which powers mechanical devices. But it’s not as simple as just hooking it up to whatever. No, just like actual electricity, correctly using Redstone means having to understand its current moves, splits, and transforms based on the blocks you use.

Gamers have created all sorts of amazing things like an giant electric guitar replica that produces the chords when activated, electronic keyboards that play midi songs, an actual friggin’ calculator that computes your commands to solve equations and the best of course is an actual working replica of a computer. Yes, that’s a computer in a computer. I think we’re done here.

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