Best Gordon Ramsay insults ever to grace TV history


Gordon Ramsay needs no introduction. The acid-tongued chef is a natural genius at being an utter @sshat to the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen, a fiery show that’s supposed to be about food and cooking but is really just about Gordon Ramsay dishing out an unrelenting barrage of unforgiving (but very creative) insults to everyone and everything within camera range.

We wonder if the master chef throws out the insults off-the-cuff or if he actually sits down the night before the show and constructs these sarcastic gems just so he’ll have the perfect comeback for whenever some poor sob/chef-wannabe presents him with raw scallops and undercooked chicken.

Which doesn’t really matter as viewers lap it all up, regardless.

Here are nine razor-sharp comebacks that prove why no one is better at screaming out culinary insults than Mr. Ramsay. We repeat, no one.

#1 When he revisited his childhood with Super Mario.

Gordon Ramsay 1

#2 When he felt deeply for the animals.

Gordon Ramsay 2

This! []

Gordon Ramsay 3

Gordon Ramsay 4

Gordon Ramsay 5

And this! []

 #3 When he tapped into the existential discussion of death.

Best Gordon Ramsay insults ever seen on TV

Gordon Ramsay 6

Keeping it in the family. []

#4 When he delivered the burn to end all burns.

I will do unmentionable stuff to you when I see you in hell. []

Oh I’m sorry, was that too HOT for you?

#5 When he kept things food related – oh so professional!

Gordon Ramsay 7


#6 When he took on the oil war.

Gordon Ramsay 8

#7 When he sets his trademark comment free.

Best Gordon Ramsay insults

Verbal machine gun. Hits his target every time. [Fox TV]

#8 When he showed his creative side using Popeye.

Gordon Ramsay 8

#9 And SpongeBob SquarePants

Gordon Ramsay 9

#10 When he just can’t take it in anymore.

Gordon Ramsay best insults

You sir, have the toughest job in the world. []

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